Yuzu Kosho, Yuzu Citrus And Pepper Paste

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Yuzu kosho is a paste made with yuzu citrus rind, green or red chili peppers and salt. The yuzu is peeled by hand and only the top layer of the rind is used to avoid the bitterness. The salt used to make this product is sea salt from Okinawa, made in the traditional way of sun drying and crystallizing the salt in large boiling pots of sea water. No preservatives or artificial colors are added to this yuzu kosho. Yuzu kosho is a condiment from the Southern region of Kyushu and is delicious served with all kinds of meats and poultry, especially wagyu. The YkAO is made with yuzu rind and green chilies, and the Aka is made with yuzu rind and red chilies.
Aging No
Origin Japan
Grade Very fine
Bone No
Weight Detail 2.82oz
Pack Size 1

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