Fresh or Frozen

At DeBragga we ship meats FRESH unless otherwise noted. While we highly prefer fresh over frozen, some of our farmers and ranchers are small producers with sporadic production. Also, some of our items have a short shelf life. We feel the compromise to offer them frozen is worth it, given the quality and uniqueness of these items. When we sell an item frozen, we will indicate this on the product detail page.

It is possible that frozen items will begin to thaw in transit. Provided the products are cold, these items can be refrozen.

All our shipments are sent for the next day's arrival. However, we don’t know of any delivery system that is perfect. For this reason, we ship in insulated boxes with frozen reusable gel packs. The intention is for our products to arrive “cool to the touch” even if an extra day in transit occurs.

If a shipment does arrive HOT, it should not be consumed. We ask that you notify us immediately at Customer Service.