Elysian Fields Lamb Shanks, 4 shanks

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lamb shanks
Elysian Fields Lamb Shanks, 4 shanks

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Elysian Fields Lamb is considered the finest by America’s foremost chefs. Exclusively raised on the grass pastures of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, the flavor is clean and delicious. No antibiotics or added hormones ever. Enjoy these shanks after a long slow braise.

This item is sold as a frozen item. The item is frozen upon production for our e-commerce customers. It may partially thaw in transit. As with fresh product, use within 5 days or refreeze.

    More Information
    Country of Manufacture United States
    Breed Dorset/ Suffolk cross
    Bone Yes
    Weight Detail 1.5 lbs per shank
    Pack Size 2 shanks per pack, 2 packs, 6.25 lbs plus one tub demiglace
    Hide Delivery Date No
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