Veal Shanks For Osso Buco (4 Shanks)

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2-inch thick center-cut pieces from the hind shank (the meatiest part!), bone-in veal osso buco are perfect for this classic veal dish! The succulent, tender and mild-flavored, milk-fed veal braised in the rich reduced veal stock will please your palate and make this a truly memorable meal.
Aging Wet
Origin United States
Breed Holstein (milk fed)
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 4lbs total
Pack Size 2 packs of 2 veal shanks
2 x Veal Shanks (2 per pack)

Customer Reviews 14 item(s)

Great gift!
By Jamie on January 05, 2020
Bought these for my Brother in Law after he mentioned that even in Milwaukee Veal Shanks were hard to come by these days. So he has been substituting lamb shanks. He LOVED these and was thrilled to get them. 5 huge, flavorful, tender shanks. One shank was enough for two so they have shanks for while!
By Jesse on December 03, 2019
Excellent quality and flavor.
Awesome products and awesome service. Thank you.
By Grady on November 21, 2019
Very nice cuts of meat. Guests were extremely happy with their veal. Timely deliver and shipping updates were great.
By C.C. on October 03, 2019
These veal shanks were really delicious. Will buy again.
Fantastic Product!
By Steve on May 15, 2019
This is a great product.I also buy the boneless loin, which is also excellent!!!
The WOW Factor
By GoodCook on April 04, 2019
The shanks are huge, even when 5 to a pack. But they are extraordinarily tender. This is the second time I've ordered them from DeBragga. My guests were WOWed!!
Excellent Osso Bucco
By Jimmy John on February 07, 2019
These shanks are fabulous! I made them for some friends and I’m still hearing about that meal over a week later! Really, really good product!!
Great Osso Bucco
By JimmyJohn on February 05, 2019
Absolutely fabulous product!! Tasty and tender. I made these for dinner with another couple and they are still talking about the meal a week later.
Superb shanks on both orders
By BillN on January 18, 2019
We purchased these twice in the past month. Both orders were fantastic, delicious and of high quality. Both had 5 shanks per package. We would always order these shanks only from DeBragga.
Huge Christmas Dinner Hit!
By Bernard on January 05, 2019
Pleasantly surprised to find that all 3 packs had 5 shanks instead of 4. Turned into an encore dinner later in the week! We served Osso Buco for 12 for Christmas dinner and it was a huge hit. Shanks were perfectly portioned, very tender and tasty marrow. Worth every penny and will never buy this cut of veal from my local butcher again...and they are quite good with most everything. Debragga has never disappointed us for our biggest celebration dinners!
Well worth the price.
By Margaret on April 06, 2018
Shanks were fabulous. Each one was very meaty and consistent size for all. All of my guests loved them.
Excellent Osso Bucco
By PLR on March 02, 2018
The veal shanks were absolutely very tender and melt in your mouth delicious!
Would purchase it again-it was amazing!
By NatashaKS on December 28, 2017
We purchased this recently and it was fantastic! Would certainly purchase again. The customer service was amazing as well.
Superb veal shanks
By Lucho on November 08, 2017
These were wonderful, both in taste and consistency. Amazingly, they were all almost exactly the same size and thickness, making cooking them properly quite simple. We and our guests ate every morcel.

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