Dry Aged Naturally Raised Prime Rib Chops

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DeBragga’s dry aged naturally raised USDA PRIME, graded in the top 1% of all beef in the United States, is one of our favorite kinds of beef. Naturally raised means good animal husbandry which produces excellent meat. No hormones or antibiotics EVER! Well-marbled and expertly aged, we cut the Prime rib chops from the Prime 109 muscle. Dry aging concentrates the flavor of this exceptional beef to that exquisite complex point the connoisseurs relish. Roasting slowly brings out the complexity of the dry aging, and offers you a crispy outside, juicy and tender inside, a perfect rib chop of roasted naturally raised prime beef.

Aging Yes
Origin United States
Grade Prime
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Pack Size 2 - 28oz Chops
2 x Dry Aged Naturally Raised Prime Rib Chops 28oz

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Fabulous meat.
By Magicman on February 28, 2017
The only steak better than this one is the Wagyu version.

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