American Wagyu Dry Aged Frenched Rib Chop Kobe Beef Style

As low as: $150.00

The American Wagyu Beef is a special cross of the Wagyu beef renowned as the best eating beef in America, Angus, resulting in a piece of meat that is outrageously marbled and incredibly delicious. Our expert dry aging brings out a phenomenal complexity that one will not find anywhere else. We offer this cut, one Cotes de Beouf "chop" cut from the 7-rib rack, exclusively to our finest customers. Each single rib chop, frenched for a beautiful presentation, will generously feed 2. Remember this is extremely rich beef and a half pound slice is more than's luxury at its finest!
Aging Dry
Origin United States
Grade Prime+
Breed Wagyu
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 1.75
1 x 1.75 lb American Wagyu Dry Aged Rib Chop