Free Range Naturally Raised Iowa Pork Boneless Butt

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All of our free range Iowa pork comes from naturally raised animals that never receive hormones or antibiotics. Naturally and humanely raised on family farms, DeBragga's hogs are naturally fed for a longer period of time than most hogs, outdoors in the fresh air. This is what gives our pork its rich and flavorful taste. Our Boneless butts are the perfect cut for long slow cooking recipes. The result will melt in your mouth.
Origin United States
Grade Naturally raised free ranging
Breed A cross of Tamworth, Hampshire, Berkshire and Duroc
Bone No
Weight Detail 8-9 LBS
Pack Size 1
1 x 8-9 lbs Free Range Iowa Pork Boneless Butt

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Awesome pork!
By Natalie on July 20, 2018
Amazing pulled pork!! 6 pork butts for ~75 people. The meat took the smoke and seasoning perfectly. Not too fatty. Delivered on time with ice packs in a cooler. Better price than any butcher in my area for free range pork.
Completely satisfied
By SmokeyO on January 04, 2018
The package arrived on time and in perfect condition. I cooked this the same way I prepare any pork butt for pulled pork. The results were extraordinary. All the fat had rendered and all that remained was the small fat cap from the bottom which removed with one pull. Much more rich and flavorful than the pork butts I buy from my local store. Everyone who ate it noticed a difference, and they’ve all had my pulled pork. I hoped buyin more expensive meat and thinking it tasted better was just a placebo, but the critics have spoken and it just IS better. Will order again.

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