Dry Aged Prime Rib Chops Frenched (2 Per Pack)

As low as: $159.95

We start with US Prime Beef on the bone and then dry age it to perfection so it is always juicy, tender and full of flavor! Two 28oz chops. Each a perfect Cote de Boeuf.
Aging Dry
Origin United States
Grade Prime
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 28oz. each
Pack Size 2
2 x 28 oz Dry Aged Prime Frenched Rib Chops

Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Fit for Kings
By Bill B on June 22, 2020
I got 6 of the dry aged prime rib chops drenched for a very special Father's Day/son's birthday dinner. They were fabulous, the best steaks we ever had said all, and this comes from a family of carnivores. They have an awesome rich beef flavor and were very tender. My son said they were better than a Kobe steak he had while traveling in Japan. Truly a meal fit for kings. Delivery was so prompt in second day after ordering with nice cool packs seeing them all fresh. We will definitely be a repeat Debragga customer.
A perfect gift for steakhouse purists
By John on December 24, 2019
Shipped as gifts for the holidays. Great service and delivery. Both recipients expressed pure delight in the quality and the flavor.
One of the best steaks I've ever had!
By FCD on October 28, 2019
One of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. I’ve tried a few of DeBragga’s wagyu steaks and they are an experience that everybody should try. After trying the wagyu, I decided to try their dry aged beef. Wow, the flavor of the steak was amazing! I didn’t really detect any of the funky, blue cheese notes that longer aging can introduce, but the steak was very tender and had an amazing rich beef flavor. This weekend, for my birthday, I was able to do a side-by-side comparison of the wagyu and this dry aged rib chop. For my personal taste this dry aged rib chop was the winner. The wagyu was tenderer and the juicy fat explodes in your mouth, but it doesn’t have the rich beef flavor of the dry aged beef. Honesty, I don’t think you can go wrong with any DeBragga steak.
Top notch! Aged enough to concentrate the beef flavor, without getting funky.
By FCD on October 14, 2019
Honestly, one of the best steaks I've ever tasted. The dry aging was just enough to tenderize the steak and concentrate the wonderful beefy flavor. More tender than my local meat market tenderloin! I've had steak at one of the top rated restaurants in Manhattan, but this steak make that steak taste like a cheap piece of chuck.
I simply seasoned it with salt & pepper, seared it in a cast iron skillet, finished it with a butter basting until it was medium rare and savored every bite.
Worth every penny. Don’t overlook them!
By UV on May 25, 2018
Top notch cuts of dry aged prime beef. Super funky and flavorful! Top 5 best steak I’ve ever had only falling short of some Japanese Wagyu from Kobe and a snake river farm Steak I had once.

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