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K-sabatier Bayonet Carving Set, Auvergne Collection

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Hold your hand-made Sabatier knife and you connect with the living tradition of old-world craftsmanship.  Sabatier knives are made in Thiers, France, a region legendary for its culinary excellence and for its 500 year old skill in producing fine cutlery.  Thiers’ craftsmen supply the world’s most discriminating chefs.

You can feel the superior quality of a Sabatier knife.  You feel it in the way it balances in your hand, the way it becomes a natural extension of the arm—a precision instrument weighted and shaped for a specific task.

Each knife begins with the finest raw materials.  It is 100% hot drop forged, tempered to provide strength and flexibility, and hand ground to a perfect curvature and edge.  The care and craft infused into your Sabatier knife will bring you pleasure with every use.

1 x K-Sabatier Bayonet Carving Set, Auvergne Collection

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