DeBragga News

  1. Food Arts Magazine

    Beef à la Mode

    Since colonial times, a beefsteak's origins, quality, and flavor could make or break a tavern's reputation. As tastes and fashions change, the same holds true across today's chef-stampeded steakhouse scene

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  2. Valentine’s Day Kit: One Menu, Two Options from

    New York, NY – 1.22.09 – Luxurious meats are on the menu this Valentine’s Day, thanks to the fine quality meat and poultry products available at  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day celebration at home, and prepare exactly the kind of decadent evening you wish, without scrimping or cutting corners.

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  3. egullet society blog

    Last night I went to a tasting that DeBragga put on for its major clients...

    It was a big meal, hosted by Waldy Malouf at Beacon (Beacon uses Niman Ranch beef purchased through DeBragga), and we got to taste ridiculously large portions of three exceptional, naturally raised products that DeBragga is evangelizing about. .....When you see the prices of some of this stuff there's definitely a sticker-shock reaction, but when you hear all that goes into this kind of production you start wondering how any of these people even stay in business. It is, simply, more expensive to produce super-premium, natural products than it is to produce industrial, mediocre ones. Much more expensive.

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  4. Rocky Mountain Lamb Celebrates Spring

    New York, NY – 3.30.09 – Spring has sprung, and the long winter has given way to the renewal we wait for each year: fresh, new foods that are at their best now!  Among them is the finest of lambs from our own Rocky Mountains, available at

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  5. Restaurant News

    Table Hopping with Rosie

    This week Rosie tells us about DeBragga and Spitler meats....
    "DeBragga and Spitler, a top-quality meat purveyor specializing in certified Angus beef, recently came to our attention when we tried their steak at Docs of Sparta and proclaimed it to be one of the most flavorful and tender pieces of meat we have experienced in a long time"

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  6. Vote for America's Favorite Steak

    May 25, 2009

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  7. Q13 Fox News Notes

    What's Good For You Is Bad and Whats Bad For You Is Good? Ok Got It!

    George Faison, COO and Partner of DeBragga was quoted....
    “Some beef fat is monounsaturated, which is the kind of fat that is good for you and actually helps lower LDL, or bad cholesterol, like the kind found in olive oil and avocado,”

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  8. Time Out

    Ossabaw Pig Legs ready for the eatin'!

    Guest blogger Liz Thorpe, author of the forthcoming book The Cheese Chronicles you, dear readers, her latest rumination for the Feed. Read on for delicious details on the Ossabaw pig, and where you can try it in NYC.

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  9. Summer Screening & Discussion Series

    Eat This Film

    Author, Eric Schlosser, (Fast Food Nation) and Film Director, Rick Linklater, (Director of Fast Food Nation, The Film) and "Reverse Shot" founder and interviewer, Eric Hynes, filmed at Debragga yesterday for their new film.

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  10. Wall Street Journal

    Video of Beef Summit Tastings

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