Prime T-bone Steaks (4 Per Pack)

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The Classic T-Bone Steak is considered by most to be the highest quality steak available: the tenderness of the filet mignon and the full flavor of the New York Strip, with a bone for bone lovers! This cut of beef truly has something delicious for every meat lover! That trademark bone in the middle helps the meat to cook evenly while keeping the meat so tender and meat on the bone imparts a sweeter flavor to the beef. This T-Bone steak is ideal for grilling or pan-roasting, because bone-in cuts do best in dry heat cooking. But resist the urge to share your steak- you'll want to keep this one all to yourself!
Aging Wet
Origin United States
Grade Prime
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 20 oz each steak
Pack Size 4
4 x 20 oz Prime T-Bone Steak

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