Debragga Hot Chili Sausages, 5 Links To A Pack

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DeBragga is making our own sausages now, from outdoor raised hogs that are completely antibiotic-free. These animals are naturally and humanely raised on pure grain, and the flavor of these sausages is exceptional. We add hot chile flakes to this pork sausage to make them shot through with heat, zesty and delicious, and they are great with meals or as an appetizer or snack. DeBragga’s own sausages, from our table to yours. We ship sausage frozen. Sausage may thaw in transit, but you may re-freeze or enjoy within five days refrigerated.
Aging No
Origin United States
Grade naturally raised
Breed Duroc, Berkshire
Bone No
Weight Detail 1lb
Pack Size 5 links
1 x 16 oz DeBragga Hot Chili Sausages (5 links)

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