DeBragga’s Memorial Day offering

A Deluxe Mixed Grill, with racks of beef, lamb, pork, and sausages is offering two packages for home cooks this Memorial Day to launch the start of Grill Season: one 12-pack of naturally raised steaks, and one Deluxe Mixed Grill, containing three racks of excellent quality meats and three fine sausages, truly something for everyone.  Each package comes with a container of Fleur de Sel sea salt, the only way to finish great meats.

The 12-pack of strip steaks contains three different varieties of beef that show the range & depth of the worlds finest naturally raised beef:


• Four 12-oz Naturally Raised Grassfed Strips from Australia
• Four 12-oz Naturally Raised Grain-fed Strips from the U.S.
• Four 12-oz Naturally Raised Wagyu Strips from the U.S., marble score 8/9


Twelve-steak package price is $220., a discount of 15% off the price if you were to buy the steaks individually.  Each steak, never previously frozen, comes individually cryovac packaged to seal in freshness.


The Deluxe Mixed Grill, racks of naturally raised meats and artisan sausages, appeals to the “meat-on-the-bone” lover, those who believe that the tenderest meat lies closest to the bone.  Beyond beef, the racks include pasture-raised Rocky Mountain lamb racks – two frenched racks for a beautiful presentation – a free-ranging Iowa pork rack, 4 ½ pounds of heritage breed pork that yields 8 meaty chops, and four hand-selected Cowboy Rib Steaks, aged beef on the bone that grills up tender, juicy and full of flavor.  Add to that the best links of our finest sausage: one pound each of Sweet Italian, Spicy Lamb Merguez, and luxurious pork and porcini, and that’s a barbecue that can’t be beat.  Package price for the Deluxe Mixed Grill is $250, 15% off items sold separately.  Serves 12.


Two years ago, 5% of DeBragga’s meat purchases were naturally raised.   Today, 30% of all the meats we purchase are naturally raised, and the company is continuously working aggressively with suppliers to grow that percentage ever higher.  Choosing “naturally raised” meats means you are supporting U.S. family farmers and ranchers and their rural communities, the highest animal care practices in the industry, the best antibiotic and hormone free meat and environmentally sustainable farming and ranching. was created by Marc Sarrazin and George Faison, owners of DeBragga and Spitler, at 826-D Washington Street, New York, NY, (212) 924-1311.  Known for its staff of experienced butchers who age and hand-cut the finest meats for New York’s most discriminating chefs, DeBragga has been located in New York’s famed Meat Market for almost a century.  DeBragga serves restaurants like Restaurant Daniel, Le Bernardin, Momofuku Ssam Bar, the BLT group, and Craftsteak, and now you.  DeBragga, New York’s butcher to generations of legendary chefs.


Stephanie Crane Faison

(908) 626-0111