Dry Aged Naturally Raised Hand Select Kansas City Strip Steak

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Kansas City Strips are the quintessential strip steak on the bone. All the tender, flavorful meat steak lovers seek cooked on the bone to retain all the juices. DeBragga’s Kansas City Strip Steaks are 20oz each; we don’t skimp on size or flavor! Naturally Raised beef means animals that are raised without antibiotics or hormones so you enjoy a clean, fully flavored beef experience. We dry age this beef until it’s the perfect taste and texture. Cut to order, enjoy these dry aged, bone-in steaks all season long.
Aging Yes
Origin United States
Grade Hand Select, Certified Angus Beef
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 20 oz
Pack Size 4
4 x 20 oz Dry Aged Naturally Raised Kansas City Strip

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