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Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu 24oz Ribeye Steak Kobe Beef Style

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Of the Four unique Wagyu Breeds raised in Japan, Miyazaki Wagyu is Japanese Black Wagyu, known as Kuroge Washu in Japan. This breed accounts for 90% of Wagyu raised in Japan. For it to qualify as Miyazaki Wagyu, the beef must grade A-4 or A-5. DeBragga sells only A5 Japanese wagyu beef. Less than 3 % of all Wagyu produced in Japan receives this Quality grade [grade is determined by several factors, including marbling ( 1-12), fat color (1-7), muscle color ( 1-7), firmness/tenderness of meat, and muscle dimension. If any of these criteria score less than perfect, it cannot be A-5].

What Makes Miyazaki’s reputation for the finest Wagyu is a Culinary “Olympics” held every 5 years in Japan. The beef is judged over 9 criteria. To win this competition is a lifetime dream. Miyazaki Wagyu has won TWO competitions, demonstrating that they maintain standards over the long term. This achievement clearly indicates that the Japanese consider Miyazaki Wagyu to be superior to all other Japanese Wagyu, including the Wagyu beef from Kobe.

The team at DeBragga is proud to have the exclusive distributorship of Miyazaki Wagyu, 100% pureblood wagyu. Located on the southern Island of KYUSHU, the Prefecture of Miyazaki is the finest growing region in Japan, with a year round temperate climate conducive for producing excellent Wagyu. The cattle are raised on pasture until 16- 18 months, and then fed an increasingly rich diet of grains, primarily barley-based, for more than 450 days. They are antibiotic- and hormone-free, and they are given no animal by-products in the feed. The animal husbandry is the finest is the world (though not massaged by young maidens today, they still consume the occasional beer!).
Aging No
Origin Japan
Grade A5
Breed Wagyu
Bone No
Weight Detail 24oz
Pack Size 1
1 x 24 oz Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Style Ribeye


Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

Unbelievably good
By Wagyu Man on August 27, 2019
Words cannot describe the flavor and tenderness of this meat. The entire palate and experience was utterly perfect. I served this at a dinner party for my parents, mother in law, and wife (along with some Australian wagyu MSB 9+ strip steak) and everyone agreed that this is the best beef they have ever tasted. It is expensive but damn it is worth it!

We will be purchasing again.

Also... with the leftover fat we made fried rice and I actually teared up when we ate it. Dont think. Just buy it!
5 stars..worth thenprice
By Sioux Chef on July 02, 2019
Great piece of meat. My clients who never had wagyu were blown away with the ribeye. Nothing compares to the miyazaki. I've had the New York strip and filet and it's never a disappointment
Great purchase
By Donald on February 22, 2019
The best beef I've ever had in this life. My whole family enjoyed it so much!
By McDonald’s on January 29, 2019
Ate this with well done with ketchup. It was great.
By jaysham on October 31, 2018
ate this with butter and cream
Pretty good for the price
By morelikegaygyu on August 02, 2018
Very good, I cooked it well done on my Coleman stove and ate it with ketchup, 5 stars.
A fatty treat.
By southa on December 02, 2017
A treat indeed! oh-so-tender and rich, so 24 ounces was more than enough for 4. My wife, however, didn't like it--too fatty, she said.
By KenC on April 30, 2017
The meat is tender,juicy and tasty. It Is the best steak that I had.
By Adam on February 28, 2017
Amazing. Pure and simple. Will definitely purchase again.
The best in the world beef
By The fat kid on January 28, 2017
There is a reason that they call this Japanese wagyu the best in the world. I know that reason now. This piece of meat was one of two that I ordered. The marbling was amazing making this beef very tender and flavorful. I took it to a Chef that is a very close friend. We were having a special dinner with friends. He choose to do a crudo yo start out our dinner. After a few other course he did a simple seat on other parts of this steak. The flavors were super delicious an deep. The meat literally melted in our mouths. This was by far the best dinner dish of my life so far.

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