Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu 12oz Ribeye Steak Kobe Beef Style

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ENJOY THE MOST MEMORABLE DINING EXPERIENCE EVER: Japanese Wagyu ribeye, from Miyazaki, Japan. Of the four unique Wagyu breeds raised in Japan, Miyazaki Wagyu is Japanese Black Wagyu, known as Kuroge Washu in Japan. This breed accounts for 90% of Wagyu raised in Japan. For it to qualify as Miyazaki Wagyu beef, the beef must grade A-4 or A-5. At Debragga we use only A5 grade with a marble score 10 or higher! Less than 3 % of all Wagyu produced in Japan receives this quality grade (grade is determined by several factors, including marbling ( 1-12), fat color ( 1-7), muscle color ( 1-7), firmness/tenderness of meat, and muscle dimension. If any of these criteria score less than perfect, it cannot be A-5).

What makes Miyazaki’s reputation for the finest Wagyu beef is a Culinary “Olympics” held every 5 years in Japan. The beef is judged over 9 criteria. To win this competition once is a lifetime dream. Miyazaki Wagyu has won the last TWO competitions, demonstrating that they maintain standards over the long term. This achievement clearly indicates that the Japanese consider Miyazaki Wagyu to be superior to all other Japanese Wagyu, including the beef from Kobe.

The team at DeBragga is proud to have the exclusive distributorship of Miyazaki Wagyu, 100% pureblood wagyu. Located on the southern Island of KYUSHU, the Prefecture of Miyazaki is the finest growing region in Japan, with a year round temperate climate conducive for producing excellent Wagyu. The cattle are raised on pasture until 16- 18 months, and then fed an increasingly rich diet of grains, primarily barley-based, for more than 450 days. They are antibiotic- and hormone-free, and they are given no animal by-products in the feed. The animal husbandry is the finest is the world (though not massaged by young maidens today, they still consume the occasional beer!).
Aging No
Origin Japan
Grade A5
Breed Japanese Black Wagyu
Bone No
Weight Detail 12oz
Pack Size 1
1 x 12 oz Japanese Wagyu 12 oz Ribeye Steaks


Customer Reviews 23 item(s)

No Substitute
By Alejandro on January 02, 2018
For little over a year, I have ordered more than 15 Miyazaki Ribeyes. I will continue to do so because there is nothing that can even compare to the experience. All of the ribeyes I have ordered have been amazing with no exception.
By SY on August 15, 2017
Only the best
By Gail on June 08, 2017
I regularly buy American Kobe beef, but always wanted to taste the real deal. Oh my goodness! They are as different as chicken is from regular beef. I briefly seared the steak and it was juicy, delicious and just melted in my mouth. I will be buying from you again. I may not have a steak often, but when I do I know it will be the best from DeBragga.
This is the real deal. Genuine A5 Wagyu!
By Ramen Baka on May 26, 2017
I've been looking for A5 quality wagyu, was disappointed by a couple of places' so called "American Wagyu". But this is the real deal! Genuine A5 quality, highly marbleized that just disintegrates in your mouth. I just hope it can be available in thicker cut, something like 1.5"
By Picky eater on April 12, 2017
Wow! WOW! WOW!
Exceed my expectation!
Excellent ! Very soft and tasty!
Amazing life experience
By Tim on March 30, 2017
I used the sous vide to cook this steak to 140 degrees and then seared for 1 min per side. It was amazing. I cut it with the side of a fork. This will be the steak that all others are judged upon.
F%*#ckn awewsome
By Tim on March 25, 2017
There is no other steak, I sous vide-ed this with salt and pepper and then 1 min flash seared in avocado oil on each side. My family did a dance and a jig on st paddy's day when we had this steak.This steak is to set the high bar for all others are to be judged by. Ill never get another steak ever other than this
Will order again
By Dancing Foody on March 10, 2017
Just as expected, it was amazingly wonderful!
Perfect taste
By Jack on February 28, 2017
Perfect steak. Service and delivery were very efficient/on time. We would have like thicker cuts.
By David on January 14, 2017
Excellent. Just like in Japan.
Go no further, buy from De Bragga
By Gil on January 13, 2017
The very best meat in the world! I will buy only Japanese miyazaki steak.
Love the meat
By Kate on January 13, 2017
The best meat ever! I would like to buy again, but i hope you will give me i thicker slice of meat.
Great pleasure to eat this special treat.
By bma on January 09, 2017
Outstanding taste
Unbelievable steak!!!!!!
By Kevin on January 06, 2017
Best steak on the planet... Came wrapped perfectly exactly on the day I requested it... Amazing flavor.... Melts in your mouth... Definitely order from Debragga again!
Magnificent steak
By Zazie on December 17, 2016
The Miyazaki Ribeye was incredible. It was meltingly tender with a rich complex beefy flavor unlike any other piece of beef I have ever had. Debragga's does a great job of packing the meat for shipping. I will definitely be ordering in the future.
By Rico on December 15, 2016
If you like the texture of regular steak then you will not like this. This is like beef butter when cooked. Not a pleasant texture and mealy tasting. Definately not a traditional steak taste. Buy one to try before you invest in more
Highly recommend
By David on December 13, 2016
This is as good as at our favorite steak restaurant in Tokyo.
A superb Steak
By BeauneCrusher on December 13, 2016
A superb steak, undoubtedly the best I have ever tasted. Intense flavors, and a textural quality from the crisped fat made it unforgettable, and it was fun trying match it with wines.
Never would order Japanese Wagyu from no one else
By Giovanni on October 21, 2016
By far the best steak ever eaten..... Every person that I have grilled it for was blown away. All the meats I order from Debragga has been hands down the best and there not frozen they ship them chilled with ice packs in cooler
Five Stars
By Nick on October 18, 2016
Five stars all around. Service, delivery and incredible taste.
Ahhhhmazing Steak!
By Kristen S. on September 30, 2016
Purchased 1 of these steaks to serve to friends and family as an appetizer. None of us have ever had a steak so unbelievable delicious in our lives! I sliced the steak very thin and served it with hot volcanic stones to lightly sear it. Oh. My. Gosh. It literally made me gasp it was so meltingly tender. It was practically beef butter. If you're considering making the splurge I would highly recommend it! Dealing with DeBragga was great as well. They are very accommodating and a wonderful company to deal with. We will definitely be doing business again. :) thank you!!!
By Ying on June 08, 2016
Best tasting & tender steak and my guests love it!! You can slice it with plastic fork... will strongly recommend!
By Ying on May 03, 2016
The steak is so tender and taste delicious. Will save up $$ to order more 8-)

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