Australian Wagyu Kobe Beef Style Marble Score 8/9 Whole Tenderloin

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Whole tenderloin is elegant, and when it comes from DeBragga's Australian Wagyu beef selection, from well-known Australian Wagyu breeder, Nick Sher, it makes the finest meal you can offer family and friends. Sher's Australian Wagyu has a marble score of 8/9 out of a possible 12 on the Japanese grading scale, making this one of the world's great values, as well. The whole tenderloin makes a perfect centerpiece for every occasion, because it's easy to roast, slice and serve. Australian Wagyu whole tenderloin offers everyone - especially the host - an exquisite eating experience. Incomparable quality and flavor, our whole tenderloins arrive to you fully trimmed and ready to cook. Try a meltingly tender Australian Wagyu whole tenderloin today.
Aging Wet
Origin Australia
Grade Prime ++
Breed Wagyu
Bone No
Weight Detail 3.5 LBS
1 x 3.5 lbs Australia Wagyu Whole Tenderloin

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