American Wagyu Kobe Beef Style Bresaola

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DeBragga’s American Wagyu Bresaola is made exclusively with wagyu beef from the Imperial Wagyu Company in Nebraska and Iowa. A paper thin slice (best sliced on a professional slicer) appears as a lattice work of fine fat veins across the deep burgundy texture of the muscle. The flavor is complex and rich. Marble score – 9 + on the Japanese scale of 1-12 Why Bresaola? The air-drying accentuates the true flavor of the meat, as opposed to masking it, as salting or brining would, as in pastrami. DeBragga’s American Wagyu Bresaola is salt cured and then air-dried for 6 months. Typically, bresaola is made with the top round of beef, but from leaner cattle. This is the first time that the intensely marbled muscle of Wagyu beef has ever been used to make bresaola. Like the Spanish Pata Negra, the classic ham made from acorn fed hogs, this American Wagyu Bresaola is a very special eating experience. Serving tips: best when sliced very thin, using a professional slicer, and served with a lightly dressed salad. It makes an extraordinary addition to any dry cured meat plate.
Origin United States
Grade Naturally Raised Free Roaming
Breed Wagyu
Bone No
Weight Detail 1.75 LBS
Pack Size 1

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