American Wagyu Kobe Beef Style Dry Aged Frenched Rib Chop

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The American Wagyu Beef is a special cross of the Wagyu beef renowned as the best eating beef in America, with Angus cattle, resulting in beef that is outrageously marbled and incredibly delicious. Our expert dry aging brings out a phenomenal complexity that one will not find anywhere else. We offer this cut, one Cotes de Beouf "chop" cut from the 7-rib rack, exclusively to our finest customers. Each single rib chop, frenched for a beautiful presentation, will generously feed 2. Remember this is extremely rich beef and a half pound slice is more than's luxury at its finest! We'll let the public know when more of these are available!
Aging Dry
Origin United States
Grade Prime+
Breed Wagyu
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 1.75

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By Peter on August 18, 2016
Decided to splurge on a family vacation that included three sons. All of us said, without doubt, the best steak ever, by far that we ever had. The greatest flavor combined with incredible tenderness.
Debragga is the best!
By Brian on June 23, 2016
This is the best rib chop I have ever had. Hands down! You will not regret!

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