Valentine’s Day Dinner Kit: Grass Fed Beef Filet With Black Truffle Butter

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This Valentine’s Day, lovers who care deeply about naturally and humanely raised animals will reach for the Grass Fed Filet dinner kit created by DeBragga, New York’s Butcher®. Featuring the best Grass Fed Beef filets from animals raised on pasture in New York State, the kit combines two 6oz filets with 3 ounces of black truffle butter from Italy to make the centerpiece of the most decadent yet responsible meal possible. Beef is packaged airtight and shipped fresh overnight anywhere in the US.

Grass Fed Beef Filet and black truffle butter kits are available now through February 14th at All orders are shipped fresh, overnight, the next available business day. Shipping is zone based and ranges from $9.95 in the New York region to $49.95 for the West Coast. Meat can be held in the original packaging, refrigerated, for up to seven days.

As timeless a gift as there is, filets and truffles are memorialized in our culture. Black truffle and beef, a staple at the most luxurious events, can adorn even the simplest table this Valentine’s Day, thanks to DeBragga.

Grade Naturally Raised Grass Fed
Breed Black Angus and Polled Hereford cross
Bone No
Weight Detail 15oz
2 x 6oz Grass Fed Filet Mignon Filet
1 x Black Truffle Butter

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