Gloucester Old Spot Pork Chops & Apple Fed Dorset Lamb Loin Chops

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Considered the rarest breed hog in the US and UK, Gloucester Old Spots are prized for their greater, very flavorful fat, dense, rich meat and tenderness. One order of four chops contains two chops from the rack and two chops from the loin. This is divine pork, raised as it was centuries ago.

These apple-fed Dorset lamb loin chops are exquisitely flavorful and tender, thanks to the handling and feed. Humanely raised exclusively for DeBragga by Amish farmers in New York State and never ever given hormones or antibiotics, these lambs are finished on a diet of apples from nearby groves. They are harvested in the Fall and available fresh NOW.

Origin United States
Grade premium / Naturally raised
Breed Gloucester Old Spot / Dorset
Bone yes / yes
Weight Detail each chop is 12-14oz / 1.9 lbs
Pack Size 10 pieces - 4 pork chops (two loin chops and two rack chops) / Three packs of two lamb loin chops each
2 x Gloucester Old Spot Loin Chops
6 x 5 oz Apple Fed Lamb Loin Chops
2 x Gloucester Old Spot Rack Chops

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Very well butchered chops with ample fat on them
By Maggie on August 14, 2018
These meats are beautifully butchered, generous cuts and the fat left on the chops was plenty to score and get a crackling edge. I prepared the lamb chops with just salt pepper and rosemary and the fat allowed the rosemary to make a delightfully crisp and tasty coating for the chops while leaving the center quite rare.
This is the real deal
By STEVE G. on July 05, 2018
Just simply the best pork and lamb chops I’ve ever eaten. I grilled them on the rare side, and they were delicious. I also prepared them in my cast iron skillet, just salt & pepper, they were outstanding. This is the third time I’ve purchased this when it was offered as a special.
Incredible pork
By Steve on June 19, 2018
This is the second time I’ve taken advantage of the 2 for 1. Undoubtedly the finest pork I’ve ever eaten.

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