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Scandinavian Falksalt Crystal Flakes Natural Sea Salt

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Our Natural variety is the foundation of Falksalt Crystal Flakes. It's manufactured the same way as all our Crystal Flakes sea salt flakes. We evaporate pure sea water until there's very little left but salt. We clean the solution and then let it simmer in large pans until flakes emerge. Carefully raked out by hand, it is then sealed in our unique packaging.” Falksalt Natural Crystal Flakes is considered by many professionals and food enthusiasts to be the finest salt money can buy. Use it as a finishing salt and experience the crispy sensation next time you cook. Or, when marinating your next meat dish, prepare it so it achieves its full flavor potential: score the edges of the meat and sprinkle salt on liberally to reach the inner core. Allow meat to absorb the salt flavor and cook as desired.”
Origin United States
Weight Detail 4.4oz
1 x Scandanavian Falk Salt Crystal Flakes Natural Sea Salt

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Essential for your food
By Ty on March 29, 2019
Awesome product!
10 out of 10!!!
By Adam on November 27, 2017
Amazing product! I use Falksalt every time I cook!

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