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Japanese Product: Kishibori Shoyu, Aged Artisan Soy Sauce

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KISHIBORI SHOYU is made from good quality whole soybeans, wheat and sea salt. At Takesan Company steamed soybeans, toasted wheat, salt and mineral water are left to ferment in old cider barrels for one year. The barrels themselves are very well seasoned and have been in use for more than 100 years. The mild winters in the region (the temperature does not go below 50°F) encourage active fermentation throughout the year. This slow fermentation process results in the production of a very large number of complex organic acids. These constituents contribute to the excellent taste characteristics of the shoyu. Unlike mass-produced, main-streamshoyu KISHIBORI SHOYU is not treated with additional alcohol or preservatives, and is not adulterated by any additives. The filtered shoyu is only pasteurized and then bottled. There are, of course, numerous shoyu producers all across Japan. Among them, the best, unique shoyu are produced by small- and medium-size, family run breweries that continue to use only traditional materials and labor-intensive, artisan production processes. Takesan Company is such a producer.
Aging One Year
Origin Japan
Grade very fine
Bone No
Weight Detail 12 oz (360ml)
Pack Size 1
1 x 12 oz Kishibori Shoyu (Aged Artisan Soy Sauce)

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

By Cool! on January 04, 2019
Legit Soy Sauce with some depth and flavors you don't find normally.
High quality
By Prentiss on April 19, 2018
This is easily the best soy sauce I’ve ever had. Light years ahead of anything you buy from the big chain grocery stores.
great flavor
By jgsmith on March 08, 2017
excellent soy sauce, we love it , perfect if mix with meat grease or by herself
By David on January 14, 2017
Very good soy sauce

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