What is naturally raised meat? – Debragga

It is a fact, I have seen it time and again – the better the animals live – the better the meat they produce!

George Faison, Partner, DeBragga.com

We visit each and every ranch that supplies us with meat to ensure that the animals are well treated. That they are raised humanely, that they are never ever given antibiotics, or hormones, are fed all vegetable feed, and that “ free range” means that they have enough room to graze. Why? Because stress free lives for the animals produce tastier more tender meat of the very highest quality.


We select our Naturally Raised Meat from the very best produced by Niman Ranch, and then age the meat in our facility.

Naturally raised beef cattle

These cattle are never given hormones to stimulate growth. They are not administered antibiotics unless they get sick and then they are segregated from the herd and sold as commodity cattle. They are never fed any animal based proteins supplements of any kind. EVER. This is referred to in our industry as a Never Ever Program. Some programs permit weaning the animals from antibiotics after a few months. Not these animals. Never means never. The cattle start out for up to a year or more on pasture (grass fed). Early on, while on the pasture, they are weaned onto grain. When fully, naturally mature (anywhere from 14 – 20 months) they are moved to low density feed lots for 150 – 200 days of grain finishing. These lots are specially managed to limit the stress on the animal by providing regular feed, continual access to water, dry ground and shade, as well as other practices to ensure the cattle are calm and comfortable. (And by limiting the quantity of animals in any one location, the surrounding environment is minimally impacted).  Naturally raised meat comes from naturally raised beef cattle!

All this attention to the husbandry, results in beef that is more complex in flavor and typically more highly marbled. The beef may cost more, but in our opinion, it is worth it. Treat the animal better and it will taste better. And for those who think their budget isn’t up to this standard, our mantra is “Eat Less But Eat Better”

Naturally Raised Meat (Beef)

Naturally Raised Pork

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All Natural
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones
  • All vegetarian feeds
  • Humanely raised on
    environmentally sustainable ranches
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones or artificial growth promoters
  • All vegetarian diets
  • Humanely raised on
    environmentally sustainable ranches
  • Only Angus, Hereford, and Short Horn breeds, chosen for their well-marbled, tender beef and depth of flavor.
  • Niman farmers raise “Farmers Hybrid hogs” which is an heirloom breed developed for its ability to thrive outdoors and most importantly for its great taste. They develop thick back fat, marbled muscles and have great moisture retention.