What is Grass Fed Beef? – Debragga

This is the finest grass fed beef we have ever come across.

grassfedIt is common knowledge that the best grass fed beef has to come from the best pasture, meaning rich with nutrients, lush with grain at certain times of the year. Just look at how lush the grass in the photograph is! For reasons of unique climate and geography, particularly the glacial lakes and rivers. The Finger Lakes and western Catskills regions of North Central New York has a unique “terroir.” The intensity of flavor and nutrients found in the grasses of this region become part of the cattle when eaten, and then make their way into the flavor of the resulting beef. We have never seen field so lush.

When we harvest these cattle, we take the whole carcass and break it down into quarters which we then divide into the major muscles. This is how we sell it to our restaurant clients. For those of you who are looking for the finest grass fed beef available anywhere, and grown right here in the United States only a few hours drive from New York City, here it is! Straight to your door from DeBragga, New York’s Butcher®!

Raised Naturally: No Antibiotics, No Grain Feed and No Hormones – ever.

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