Our Meats

Our Meats

When it comes to meat, our philosophy is to Eat Less But Eat Better!
- DeBragga Management
Black Angus beef cattle grazing in a lush pasture


What is the best beef?
There is a lot of debate over what is the best beef. What breed is the best? How should it be raised? Should it be grain finished or grass fed? Are hormones or antibiotics used? Is Dry Aged better than Wet aged? Does a steak cook better on the bone? Which cut is the most tender or the most flavorful? There is no wrong answer. Some people will opt for the naturally raised but less marbled. Some will prefer a less expensive selection that is dry aged. Some want the most highly marbled piece of beef imaginable. The fact is whatever you like is the right choice and that is what we strive to offer at the Web store.
Some information to help you make your choices….

The Skinny About Beef

An introduction providing an overview of how the history of raising cattle in this country affects the choices we have today.

Naturally Raised Meats

These livestock are never given hormones to stimulate growth. They are not administered antibiotics, and are never fed any animal based proteins supplements of any kind. EVER. This is referred to in our industry as a “Never Ever Program”. We offer a full line of both beef and pork from Niman Ranch's “Never-Ever Progam”. where the animals are raised humanely on environmentally sustainable ranches. It is our experience that the better the animals are treated- the better the meat they produce -- more

Wagyu Beef

We offer a full range of Wagyu beef from Japan, Australia and the USA. All of our Wagyu has incredible marbling, texture and flavor. All is raised naturally according to the strict guidelines set by Japanese standards. To understand the differences and the reason for the varying prices – more Dry Aged Beef DeBragga is known by chefs as the best source of Dry Aged Beef. To understand why this process is so expensive yet considered by gourmet steak lovers to be “so worth it” – more Wet Age or Dry Age The difference between the two aging processes -- more

Grain fed or Grass fed

How does the feed choice affect the meat taste and texture -- more

Hand Select Angus Beef

DeBragga hand selects its Angus beef and ages it -- more

Prime Beef

DeBragga has a large selection of USDA 's superior grade of beef -- more


Filet Steaks
T Bone Steaks
Strip Steaks
Ribeye Steaks
Cowboy Steaks
Rib Roasts and Chops

Rocky Mountain Lamb

Raised year round in the Rockies and California's Central Valley, with access to the finest seasonal pastures.


DeBragga’s pork comes from heritage breeds, naturally raised without any sub-therapeutic antibiotics, without growth.

Gloucester Old Spots

Gloucester Old Spots are the rarest heritage breed hog in the USA. DeBragga is the owner of its own boar.


DeBragga offers an exciting range of poultry from heritage breed, free-range chickens, poussins and capons.