New York State Grass Fed Filet Mignons, Eight 6oz Filets

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Eight 6oz filets of delicious, naturally raised grass fed beef is the perfect meal any time of year. Filets are the steak of choice for many, and with their ease of preparation, you’ll love serving them, too.DeBragga proudly offers exclusively grass-raised and grass-finished grass fed beef from a select few of New York State’s finest Grass fed Beef producers. Featuring British beef genetics, like Angus, Devon and Hereford cattle, our farmers reside on the rich pastures of the Finger Lakes and the Western Catskill Mountains, a few hours north of New York City. These pastures have long growing seasons due to the climate mitigating effects of the lakes and rivers in the region. Raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones, in winter our farmers feed their cattle dried grasses cut from the same fields, ensuring that their cattle enjoy a grassfed diet year round. Allowing the animals to mature naturally to 24- 30 months on pastures of this caliber develops a full beef flavor surpassing grassfed beef raised anywhere else in the world.

Origin United States
Grade Naturally Raised Grass Fed
Breed Black Angus and Polled Hereford cross
Bone No
Weight Detail 3 LB
Pack Size 8 6oz filets
8 x 6oz Grass Fed Filet Mignon Filet

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

By Leigh on October 24, 2019
They were FABULOUS! I set the table with steak knives, but we didn't need them... Could cut them with a fork! Amazing flavor! Just perfect!
By B Nick on December 27, 2018
My parents absolutely loved the beef! I was told it can’t get any better. Very happy customers. Which means I will certainly be buying your products in the very near future. Thank you
I Love These Steaks!
By BlueLou on June 22, 2018
These steaks are tremendous! I order the 6 oz grass fed filets and always prepare them to medium well. The taste and texture are outstanding. They arrive overnight in a styrofoam box inside a cardboard box with ice packs. Each is individually vacuum packed. I put the steaks in my freezer and take them out to thaw overnight when I intend to use them. The steaks are every bit as good as the steaks I have gotten at prime steakhouses (Ruth's Criss, Morton's, Shula's, Ditka's, St. Elmo's, etc). Highly Recommended.
Love your meats.
By amp on June 03, 2018
Love your meats. We purchased beef from another supplier but your meat is far superior. We will order in the near future.

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