Apple Fed Lamb Spare Ribs

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Lamb spare ribs! Unique red meat ribs, tender and delicious thanks to the proprietary raising and feeding protocols of DeBragga. Spare ribs are the perfect food for every occasion, from small family moments to gatherings of every kind. These are exquisite lamb spare ribs, so buy enough for everyone to enjoy their share. Not at all fatty and yet extremely tender, with a sweet, delicate flavor that only comes from finishing on apples, these lamb spare ribs are delicate, juicy and very flavorful. It is very rare to have lamb of this caliber to offer. DeBragga’s apple-fed lambs are born in the spring, and raised on mother’s milk and pasture until August, when we add barley to the diet. Toward the end of August, we introduce the fresh apples into their feed, along with the barley and alfalfa. They are harvested early Fall, antibiotic- and hormone-free. This order includes two racks of St. Louis-style spare ribs, each weighing about .75 lb, packaged two per pack. Season delicately and serve all season long.
Origin United States
Grade Naturally Raised
Breed Dorset
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 1.25
Pack Size 1 package contains 2 plates of spareribs

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