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Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu Filet Mignon Kobe Beef Style

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ENJOY THE MOST MEMORABLE DINING EXPERIENCE EVER: Japanese Wagyu beef filet mignon, from Miyazaki, Japan. Of the four unique Wagyu breeds raised in Japan, Miyazaki Wagyu is Japanese Black Wagyu, known as Kuroge Washu in Japan. This breed accounts for 90% of Wagyu raised in Japan. For it to qualify as Miyazaki Wagyu, the beef must grade A-4 or A-5. At Debragga we use only A5 grade with a marble score 10 or higher! Less than 3% of all Wagyu produced in Japan receives this quality grade (grade is determined by several factors, including marbling ( 1-12), fat color ( 1-7), muscle color ( 1-7), firmness/tenderness of meat, and muscle dimension. If any of these criteria score less than perfect, it cannot be A-5).

What Makes Miyazaki’s reputation for the finest Wagyu is a Culinary “Olympics” held every 5 years in Japan. The beef is judged over 9 criteria. To win this competition once is a lifetime dream. Miyazaki Wagyu has won the last TWO competitions, demonstrating that they maintain standards over the long term. This achievement clearly indicates that the Japanese consider Miyazaki Wagyu to be superior to all other Japanese Wagyu, including the beef from Kobe.

The team at DeBragga is proud to have the exclusive distributorship of Miyazaki Wagyu, 100% pureblood wagyu. Located on the southern Island of KYUSHU, the Prefecture of Miyazaki is the finest growing region in Japan, with a year round temperate climate conducive for producing excellent Wagyu. The cattle are raised on pasture until 16- 18 months, and then fed an increasingly rich diet of grains, primarily barley-based, for more than 450 days. They are antibiotic- and hormone-free, and they are given no animal by-products in the feed. The animal husbandry is the finest is the world (though not massaged by young maidens today, they still consume the occasional beer!).
Aging No
Origin Japan
Grade A5
Breed Japanese Black Wagyu
Bone No
Weight Detail 8 oz per pack of 2 filets
Pack Size 2 4oz filets

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I'm a Tenderloin Fan Now Because of This!
By David B. on August 04, 2020
I'm not usually a fan of filet mignon/tenderloin, as I prefer a little more fat/flavor in my beef. However, this Miyazaki filet mignon has made me a convert! While it is nowhere near as marbled as other available Wagyu cuts, it has a fair amount of fat that really enhances the flavor!

I should also add that I experienced excellent customer service from Debragga due to a delivery error by the shipping company the first time I ordered this. Within a few days, I had a redelivery at my home, and Debragga had secured a fan for decades to come!
By Nick on October 20, 2019
Out of this world meat experience!
Excellent beef!!!!!!!!!
By Hector on February 26, 2019
You can't explain how excellent these steaks are with words in a review. You just have to try them. The very best steak in my opinion. Try some of the other items they offer as well. Hint - Iberico bacon!!!!!!!
By CJ on October 18, 2018
Melts in your mouth. Most amazing flavor. Would buy again for any special occasion.
The ultimate and authentic Wagyu
By BillN on August 03, 2018
Just as advertised. Wonderful marbeling and fork-tender. Great taste with no need for an additional sauce.
These Miyazaki filets were out of this world. Everything you would expect from authentic Japanese wagyu. Each bite just exploded with juice and flavor. Only wish you could order a larger size, but not much bigger because the flavor is intense!
By Blake on April 18, 2018
The real deal.
Fantastic Beef
By Eric on December 07, 2017
My first dip into the Japanese Wagyu. An excellent steak - very tender and delicious with little seasoning needed. Will order again.
By Jordan on August 03, 2017
Best steak I've ever had. U can't consider this steak. It's in a league of its own
By Sjg on July 17, 2017
Mouth watering. Hands down one of the most amazing pieces of steak I have ever eaten. Fire.
By TM on May 19, 2017
We first experienced Japanese Wagyu beef while vacationing in TX and my husband continued to talk about it months later. I was unable to find it locally and came across DeBragga while doing an online search. I placed an order as a birthday surprise for my husband and we were not disappointed. Most definitely the best cut of beef we have ever been able to have at home.
Best Steaks Ever!
By Hampathome on May 12, 2017
WOW! These steaks were AMAZING! Best we have ever tasted!
Our 4th experience with them! Starting at room temp, seasoned with Kosher salt, seared 2 min each side, then 3 min in 450 ° oven for rare-medium rare. Melts in your mouth!
By Kenneth on April 08, 2017
Fantastic! Cooked rare to medium rare on my Weber kettle with Slow n sear insert (reverse sear method). All I added was a little salt. Intense rich flavor.
Top notch
By pab927 on April 01, 2017
Melt in your mouth goodness. Beef will never taste the same again. Salt, pepper and a cast iron pan was all I needed for an amazing culinary experience for date night. Wonderful customer service. Will definitely order again.
The most tender, flavorful, unique cuts of the finest beef you'll ever find
By Yukon Pete on March 10, 2017
Last year my daughter & son-in-law had a business trip to Japan. Both being Colombians, he appreciates a good cut of beef and always grills it at their home inn Florida. He encountered Kobe beef for the first time on that trip and came back raving about it. So for his birthday last year, I went on line and found the best Kobe beef restaurant in Miami and sent my daughter a gift coupon to take him there when he returned from a difficult business trip to Brazil. He later told me that was the best steak dinner he'd ever had, his favorite place at home being Taste of Texas. This year I googled for retail sources of Kobe beef and found Debragga. I read everything about the history and how different cuts are graded and dry aged and was extremely impressed with their website. So this year I ordered the ribeye for him and the filet mignons for her, sent her the link to Debragga's website so he could learn all about your exclusive source of the finest Wagyu beef directly from the original Miyazaki Prefecture herd in southern Japan which was founded in the 2nd century, and had the package delivered the day he returned from a business trip to Spain. He grilled them the next day with a bottle of their favorite red wine. My daughter called that night and they both were very impressed and told me that never in their lives, including the Kobe beef they had in Japan and at the top steakhouse in Miami, have they never experienced cuts of beef like the ones they received from Debragga. They have bookmarked Debragga.
I will use this top shelf Wagyu for my catering from now on.
By Ninjachef on December 22, 2016
The best beef I have ever served. Beautiful marbleing, great flavor !!

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