Iberico Pork Skirt Steak From Spain

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Iberico pork skirt steaks come from “Pata Negra” hogs that are humanely raised in Spain, with access to the same acorns that are fed the prized Iberico de Bellota, but these Iberico hogs are finished on grain.  They are antibiotic/hormone free as mandated by Spanish law.

The cut to get this piece must be very accurate in order to keep the exact amount of fat. This highly grained piece stands out for its wonderful flavor and texture. Iberico pork products come from farmers with high respect for the animals, land and the products they produce.  The resulting pork offers richness on the palate, with a clean flavor and great tenderness.

We recommend cooking to medium rare, and do not trim; the extra fat will infuse the meat with flavor unlike anything you've ever tasted.

We ship this product frozen. It may thaw in transit, but you may re-freeze or enjoy within five days if kept refrigerated

Aging No
Origin Spain
Grade Naturally raised
Breed Iberico
Bone No
Weight Detail 12 oz
Pack Size 1 package contains four pieces
1 x 12 oz Iberico Pork Skirt

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

By j on November 15, 2018
great new taste treat!
¡Olé! to Iberico
By Surabian on September 19, 2017
I love this stuff. It is so rich that it is enough for 2. Some of the tastiest fat you'll ever have. Be sure to remove the "silver skin" ( if any ) since it tends to be tough and will also cause the meat to curl when cooked.
The Most Delicious Fat
By Robert on August 30, 2017
We love this stuff. It is so rich that 12 oz. is enough for 2 people. One suggestion is to locate the silver skin and remove it otherwise it will curl while cooking and cook unevenly also the silverskin is just plain tough.
Not what I expected.
By Weedy on January 26, 2017
I bought this expecting Inerico Secreto. A cut from Fermin that is similar but in thicker, 1/4" ish, pieces. This product is many very thin strips like an unusually thin fajita steak. It's still delicious for what it is; just not what I had expected.

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