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Iberico Dry Cured Salami From Spain


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This dry-cured sausage is made with Ibérico hogs known as Pata Negra, in the traditional Spanish way but without pimenton which is used for the chorizo. It is seasoned with salt and pepper, nutmeg and a pinch of coriander. This gives the salchichon an exquisite aroma, low acidity and intense flavor.

The traditional Spanish curing method for their sausage starts with the grinding of pure Ibérico pork and marinating it with the spices and rested for 2 days. It is then pressed into casings, after which is air cured for a minimum of one month. During this time the meat acquires a firm texture and develops an exquisite aroma.

We ship this product frozen. It may thaw in transit, but you may re-freeze or enjoy within five days if kept refrigerated

Aging Yes
Origin Spain
Grade Naturally raised
Breed Iberico
Bone No
Weight Detail 7 oz
Pack Size 1 package

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