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Grass Fed Filets Of Beef Tenderloin

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DeBragga’s grass fed beef come from cattle that are a blend of Black Angus and Polled Hereford cows. This cross breeding creates beautiful, tastier meat. The calves are raised on the pasture alongside their mothers for the first seven months and then “fence line weaned” to minimize the stress of leaving their mothers. The fence line weaning process is the most humane way to separate calves from their mothers. The calves are also slowly introduced to sileage/hay that is bailed on the farm. The animals are harvested at natural maturity, 26-30 months of age, twice that of commodity beef. All of the feed and forages for these grass fed cattle are sustainably raised. The cattle are naturally and humanely raised FREE of antibiotics and hormones!
Aging No
Origin United States
Grade Naturally raised grass fed
Breed Angus and Polled Hereford cross
Bone No
Weight Detail Approximately 2.5lbs
Pack Size six 6oz filets
1 x 6 oz Grass Fed Tenderloin Filet (6 pack)

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Great steaks!
By Techguy on June 16, 2017
This is my fourth order of the grass fed filets and each time, the steaks were wonderful. I appreciate the vacuum packing of each steak. I take what I need for the day they arrive and put the others in the freezer where they will stay until I need them. They thaw beautifully in the refrigerator over night.
wonderful filets and will certainly buy again.
By bluepalm on May 09, 2017
They were great. Good flavor - tender and so much better than the best filets I can get from upscale market.
By Ceily on February 08, 2017
The filets were fantastic. The taste and tenderness were second to none!
Outstanding Beef
By BlueLou on February 07, 2017
This was my second order. The quality of the filets was incredible. The steaks had great texture and tasted group. I will be ordering again.
The best!
By LouBlue on January 11, 2017
These are wonderful steaks. These filets are among the best tasting and tender that I have ever had at home and far better than most that I have ordered in good steak houses. Very highly recommended.
Great would order them again
By CCF on January 05, 2017
They were delicious we ordered 24 of them for a family dinner and everyone enjoyed theirs.
By no nickname on January 03, 2017
These filets are amazing, easy to cook and even easier to eat.

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