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Gloucester Old Spot Pork Chops, Four To A Package

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Gloucester Old Spot hogs are considered one of England’s best breeds. These full blood registered hogs are some of the rarest and most difficult hogs to raise for slaughter. DeBragga owns its own boar and sows, which are raised on a family farm outside of Corning, New York.

DeBragga grows the Gloucester Old Spots out to beyond 10 months of age at slaughter, which is almost double the commodity industry standard. This slow feeding protocol featuring a blend of primarily barley, corn and soy, and in the Fall, including apple pumice, creates a very special pork dining experience. In addition, it makes much better return for the farmer, and that’s what we call sustainable. These hogs are farrowed and raised with access to the outdoors at all times, resulting in very little stress on the animal and providing a humane living environment. It offers a much better, fairer return for our farmer.

A layer of luscious fat surrounds the meat which is beautifully marbled, and keeps it tender and juicy during cooking. The flesh is darker, denser and richer in flavor.

We ship this product frozen. It may thaw in transit, but you may re-freeze or enjoy within five days if kept refrigerated

Origin United States
Grade premium
Breed Gloucester Old Spot
Bone yes
Weight Detail each chop is 12-14oz
Pack Size 4 chops (two loin chops and two rack chops)
2 x Gloucester Old Spot Loin Chops
2 x Gloucester Old Spot Rack Chops

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Amazing flavor!
By Carri on November 14, 2018
Most amazing pork chops you can buy.
Best pork I’ve ever eaten. Insanely tender/flavorful
By Andrew on October 27, 2018
I am a huge meat enthusiast. The loin chops were two inches thick. Seasoned these with salt and pepper and coated the pan with a little light olive oil. Cooked for 6.5 min each side and one minute on the lateral aspect. Let sit for 5 minutes. The most tender and flavorful pork chop I have had by far. Am extremely satisfied and can’t wait to order again.
The best pork chops I ever ate!
By Steve on May 29, 2018
I grew up on a Kosher home, and never ate any pork until in college. The first pork chops, etc., I found pretty bland, and of little interest. So I recently bought the Gloucester pork, as the description, was tempting. Folks, these were terrific pork chops, and makes me think these could cause a lot of people to forget about being kosher. It vey.
By SandySF on December 02, 2016
We placed these on the grill and brushed a little home-make bbq sauce on them...they were moist and absolutely delicious.

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