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New York State Grass Fed Beef Patties

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DeBragga’s grass fed beef come from cattle that are a blend of Black Angus and Polled Hereford cows. This cross breeding creates beautiful, tastier meat. The calves are raised on the pasture alongside their mothers for the first seven months and then “fence line weaned” to minimize the stress of leaving their mothers. The fence line weaning process is the most humane way to separate calves from their mothers. The calves are also slowly introduced to sileage/hay that is bailed on the farm. The animals are harvested at natural maturity, 26-30 months of age, twice that of commodity beef. All of the feed and forages for these grass fed cattle are sustainably raised. The cattle are naturally and humanely raised FREE of antibiotics and hormones! Aside from all this important information, these 1" thick patties are just the best darned burger you can make.
Aging N/A
Origin United States
Grade naturally raised grass fed
Breed Black Angus and Polled Hereford cross
Bone No
Weight Detail 2 lb
Pack Size 4 Individual Patties (8 oz Each)
1 x 2 lb DeBragga Grass Fed Burgers (4 burgers)

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You guys were Aces yet again.
By Ike on March 29, 2018
This burger was fantastic,juicy,flavourful and loaded with robust beefy goodness. As always you've exceeded expectations. Your products are aces. You guys make gift giving easy. I'm quite finicky,yet EVERYTHING I've purchased from you is simply WONDERFUL.
By Cool! on June 09, 2017
Very good burgers, top shelf!

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