Dry Aged Hand Select 3 Rib Roast

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Dry Aged Hand Select 3 Rib Roast

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The 109 rib, as the professional butchers call it, is the ideal muscle to dry age into a superlative "Rack" of Beef. Dry aging for thirty days concentrates the flavor, and combined with the beautiful marbling of the rib section, this roast is unforgettably delicious. Nothing is simpler than roasting a standing rib of beef for a spectacular dinner. This beef is heaven!
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    Aging 30 days +
    Country of Manufacture United States
    Grade Choice - Certified Angus Beef
    Breed Certified Angus Beef
    Bone Yes
    Weight Detail 4.5 - 6 lbs
    Pack Size 1
    Hide Delivery Date No
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