Dry Aged Naturally Raised Prime Angus 4 Rib Roast And 3 Rib Chop

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Our Naturally Raised "109 rib", as the professional butchers call it, is the ideal muscle to dry age into a superlative "Rack" of Beef. We start with beef that is raised as nature intended, with no hormones and no antibiotics ever, and given only vegetable feed and grass as a steady diet. Our special dry aging program at DeBragga, where we hang the meat in our temperature controlled aging rooms for thirty days, concentrates the pure beef flavor of this perfect specimen. Then we specially cut the meat for you, to give you even cooking and attractive presentation every time. Expertly trimmed into a 4-rib roast and 3 individual rib chops, each one making a perfect serving for 2.
Aging Dry
Origin United States
Grade Certified Angus Beef, Hand Select
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 12-14 lbs
1 x Naturally Raised 107 (12-14 lbs)

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