Dry Aged Prime Kansas City Strip Steaks

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Dry Aged Prime Kansas City Strips are the quintessential strip steak on the bone. All the tender, rich and flavorful meat prime steak lovers seek cooked on the bone to retain all the juices. DeBragga’s Dry Aged Prime Kansas City Strip Steaks are aged for 45 day to bring out the complex flavor of the best dry aged beef. Each steak is 20oz; we don’t skimp on size or flavor! Prime beef guarantees you the top grade of U.S. beef and then we dry age the muscle to the perfect taste and texture. Cut to order, enjoy these dry aged, bone-in steaks all season long
Aging 45 days
Origin United States
Grade Prime
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 5lbs (four 20oz steaks)
Pack Size 4
4 x 20 oz Dry Aged Prime Kansas City Steaks

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

None Better
By Vince on August 21, 2019
Fabulous taste. Tender. A real crowd pleaser.
Oh, Doctor
By Goldy on December 08, 2017
Is the best good enough for you? If you need more, then I say these steaks are world Class! Dry aging a prime cut brings out a sublime nuttiness, with an incredible mouth feel. For me it’s a special occasion well worth the cost.
Best Meat
By JG SMITH on February 15, 2017
We have going out to different restaurants around the world and had 30 day age meat but this 45 days he we receive from Debragga is out of this world..
We yes finishing eating it at home as a Valentines in house dinner..and i definite will order it again also we order burgers for the kids and they ask me to order them more.
Thanks Debragga, you are the best

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