Dry Aged Prime 7 Rib Roast

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Our dry aged USDA PRIME 109 RIB, graded in the top 1% of all beef in the United States, is one of our favorite cuts of beef. Well marbled and expertly aged, the Prime 109 is the muscle that the classic Prime Ribs are cut from. And it is no wonder they are so popular; try imagining any holiday table without one! Dry aging concentrates the flavor of this exceptional beef to that exquisite complex point the connoisseurs relish. Roasting slowly brings out the complexity of the dry aging, and offers you a crispy outside, juicy and tender inside, perfect rib of roasted beef.
Aging Dry
Origin United States
Grade Prime
Breed Angus
Bone Yes
Weight Detail 12-14 lbs
1 x 12 - 14lbs Dry Aged USDA Prime 109 Rib

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By Frankie D on October 20, 2016
I've been a butcher my whole adult life, and it's quite long, and know my way around the butcher shop. This piece of Prime Rib was by far the best I have ever eaten. Thank you so much for bringing back my younger days when there was real grades on beef.. This rib was truly a Prime grade and the taste proved that.

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