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Dry Aged Hand Select Ground Beef

As low as: $20.99

DeBragga chooses the best dry aged beef to blend with whole muscles of Angus chuck which grade in the top 8% of all beef in the United States. We grind these together to give you a super flavorful burger, with all the complexity of fine, dry aged beef built in. A 75/25 blend of Angus muscle to dry aged beef gives it just the right amount of complexity, deeply delicious, rich and ready for the grill. Please let the meat reach room temperature slowly and naturally before use.
Aging Yes
Origin United States
Grade Hand select
Breed Angus
Bone No
Weight Detail 2lb
Pack Size Two 1lb packs
2 x 1 LB pack of DeBragga Dry Aged Ground Beef

Customer Reviews 16 item(s)

Awesome dry aged ground beef
By Giovo on April 25, 2020
Absolutely agree, the dry aged ground beef makes the best burger
The best ever
By Cathy on July 31, 2019
The best hamburger we have ever had!
quality is outstanding
By ==== on April 18, 2019
Very good, enjoyed with friends
By none on October 03, 2018
Best Hamburgers ever!! Can never go back to supermarket beef!!!!
Sarah F.
By jmac on August 28, 2018
Best hamburger meat I have ever had. Just ordered again
Perfect for BBQs
By Dude on August 22, 2018
Refined and Delicious
Awesome beef
By Tricia on July 03, 2018
I have NEVER TASTED such delicious beef!! I had the burgers with friends, and I thought they were good, but when I cooked the filets, OMG, I could really tell how phenomenal your beef is!! Thanks to Ruth Reichl’s article I read ( maybe Town and Country magazine ), I’ve found you!!!
Thank you so much!

Tricia Weiner - Dallas, Tx.
Truly the burgers from our childhood too
By KatieInNYC on June 28, 2018
This was indeed the hamburger that my husband and I have been searching for ... for decades! Buttery, succulent and bursting with rich, beef flavor with none of the funkiness we have encountered with other aged beef products. We won't buy our hamburger meat from anyone else now!
Will order again
By jm on June 27, 2018
The meat made the best hamburger we have tasted.
In miami we go to top restaurants for our steaks and dry age only steaks restaurants
By Desparado on June 19, 2018
We made the best Hamburgers that we ever tasted we are now looking fwd to the steaks that we havent had time to eat yet
Loved the Dry aged ground beef.
By SarahH on June 08, 2018
Really wonderful. Great first bbq of the season burger -- on brioche from Balthazaar. Hard act to follow.
Exceptional product
By Umami1 on May 17, 2018
The dry aged ground beef is quite a bit different than your standard hamburger. It is drier and more concentrated in flavor (makes sense), creating a very distinctive burger. It is my family's favorite, and probably the best ground beef you can get without grinding it yourself. After finding dry-aged beef to grind...
Awesome service and quality
By John on April 17, 2018
The quality is superb and makes even more so with outstanding customer service. The taste is so awesome. I highly recommend.
By John 55 on March 30, 2018
It is and was the best ground beef i have ever tasted.
Great Choice
By Maczac on April 14, 2017
Absolutely delicious. Big fan.
Perfection !
By Strod on December 07, 2016
Phonomenal. Best ever

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