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Applewood and Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast
Applewood and Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast
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DeBragga Hot Chile Sausages, 5 links to a pack
DeBragga Hot Chile Sausages, 5 links to a pack
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Duck Leg Confit
Duck Leg Confit
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Duck Prosciutto
Duck Prosciutto
This Duck prosciutto, a Moulard duck breast, is fully cured and aged in a s..

About Us


A History of DeBragga and Spitler 

DeBragga and Spitler was founded in the early 1920s by men who knew more about quality meat than perhaps anyone in the country. Originally named the Brooklyn Hotel Supply Company, it was founded by Joseph DeBragga, Emil Guenther and James Heilman.

In the mid 1930s, the company moved to Washington Street in what was to become the “meat market” district of Manhattan. In 1948, the company incorporated under its present name, DeBragga and Spitler, by Farmar DeBragga (Joseph's son) and Paul Spitler.

In 1954, Marc Sarrazin joined the firm. Marc trained as a butcher at his family's hotel and restaurant in the Charollais region of France, which is known for producing some of that country’s finest beef. The joy that Marc took in his work, selling New York’s top restaurants the finest cuts of meat, was evident in the strong relationships the company developed under his sales leadership. DeBragga and Spitler was working with the best: Le Pavillon, La Cote Basque, La Caravelle. Andre Soltner of Lutece and Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque were personal friends.

In 1973, Marc Sarrazin became President of DeBragga and Spitler, and the company became known as one of the finest meat purveyors in the entire industry, working directly with the best restaurants and hotels throughout the New York metro region and the Caribbean. The company’s reputation for excellence, quality and consistency was made, and New York’s Butcher was ready for the next generation of great chefs and restaurants.

Marc Sarrazin retired in 1992, and stepped aside to welcome his son, Marc John Sarrazin, as President of DeBragga and Spitler. The new generation of leadership ushered in the new generation of four-star chefs as customers of Debragga and Spitler: Daniel Boulud of Restaurant Daniel, Café Boulud and DB Bistro Moderne, Laurent Tourendel of BLT Steak, BLT Prime and the new BLT Market; Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, and Charlie Palmer of Aureole, just to mention a few. A seamless reputation for the highest quality meats in New York remained in tact under Marc Jr.

In 2006, George W. Faison became a partner at DeBragga and Spitler. George has a long history of excellence in the industry, having founded and successfully operated D’Artagnan for twenty years, a company specializing in quality prime and natural meats, game and foie gras. By joining forces with New York’s Butcher, George was able to add another layer of super star chefs, counting among them Tom Colicchio of Craft and Craft Steak, and Terrance Brennan of Picholine and Artisanal. Together, Marc and George are selling top quality meats to New York’s hottest spots like David Chang’s Momofuko Bar, Tao and Balthazar. Great restaurants, great meats.

The company is continually searching for the finest sources of quality meat products. This commitment to excellence enabled DeBragga and Spitler to become the sole New York City-based distributor for "Certified Angus Beef" in 1982, which was one of the original branded heritage breed programs under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture. This tradition continues with Japanese Kobe, Australian Wagyu, Uruguayan Grassfed, North Carolina heritage breed poultry, and real Long Island ducks.

DeBragga’s delivery trucks are constantly busy carrying meats, poultry, provisions and game to the finest hotels, clubs and restaurants in the New York City metropolitan area. Shipments go by air and sea to the best resorts in Bermuda and the Caribbean.

And now, these top quality meats are available to you. In 2007, George and Marc developed this web site,, to enable you purchase the meats, poultry and more that have been the exclusive property of the highest rated restaurants chefs in the tri-state region. With the finest quality meat products, selection and delivery, now, you can cook like a legendary chef in your own right. Shop at New York’s Butcher and the rest, as they say, is history.